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Campaign, Concert for Great White Sharks

airbnb KISS


5 stars 

"Matt Waller, a South Australian with a love for sharks, has
found they’re even more attracted to rock music. He puts on a show for tourists off
Port Lincoln, which AirBNB wanted to promote. To dial this experience up to eleven,
we enticed rock legends KISS to play a concert on the water to bring these incredible
creatures out in force."



300% Increase in Sales from Facebook Channels and paid advertising.

KISS on a boat off Port Lincoln, playing a concert to Great White Sharks. Seeing it in
a sentence makes it seem even more absurd. But we made it happen. To promote
the AirBNB experiences platform, we put on a world-first show to attract the ocean’s
most feared apex predator. And the turnout was huge.

Best commercial at Awards Name.



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